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I was on prilosec 3 weeks ago because ENT specialist saw some acid in my throat. after taking it for 4 days I started getting heart burns.
3 days later my heartburn was getting worse, so I went to the ENT specialist to ask him about my heartburn.. he told me to stop taking prilosec and that I should go to a doctor if my heartburn worsens.

2 weeks later my heartburn was almost gone 98% (I stopped taking prilosec), but I started getting a pain sensation on my [B]lower rib cage on the sides, next to the sternum[/B].
it almost feels like it pops when I take a deep breath.
the pain in the left went away about 5 days ago, but I feel a sharp pain on the right (only when I touch it) or when I work for 4 hours+ (but the pain doesn't last longer than 5 minutes)

It hurts to apply pressure to that spot. Is this a normal part of the stomach inflammation? Or should I be seriously concerned about this?
do I just ignore it?

THanks, any help will be appreciated :)
I have Acid reflux and Ibs. So somedays when both hit me, I am a mess! I also have anxiety issues which does add to the whole thing too. I get this rumbling in my stomach all the time, after I eat. Then under my left breast area I get the pain, sometimes in the middle too, is this what u are describing that happens to you too.?

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