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I just posted something and I will attach my post at the end. This very second I am having the same exact feeling in my throat - I was told by two different doctors that I have Acid Reflex/GERD. I too get the gurgling and like something is stuck. I have been on GOOGLE for three days and many people with Acid Reflex have the same problems.


My name is Mary and I was recently diagnosed with Acid Reflex/GERD. Approximately twelve days ago today, I woke up with severe nausea; to date, I have not thrown up. The desire to throw up is strong and it last quite some time. With this symptom, I am burping often throughout the day. I also feel tightness in my throat; however, I am able to swallow well. Maybe once or twice a day my mouth gets watery like when you are about to throw up. I would like to note that since given medication by my Dr. the burping has stopped and so has the nausea. Because of the nausea I have no desire to eat; however, with the medication which has stopped the nausea, I am eating again. I am eating extremely healthy afraid to get that nausea feeling back so I am loading up on “Juices” from my local health store – the kind where they put my vegetables in the machine and juice it. I also have a feeling in my stomach that I am starving and then a strong burning sensation. All of the symptoms are new to me and with HIGH anxiety that I suffer with everyday, I am scared. I went for a second opinion and the second Dr also told me that he feels I have Acid Reflex and told me to continue to the first medication the first Dr gave me. For three days I have been on the medication; however, also during these three days I have been on GOOGLE diligently seeking natural alternatives for my diagnosis. I came across many sites on Apple Cider Vinegar (Mother). I have read exceptional testimonies on how it not only treats Acid Reflex but other aliments as well. Today I woke up with severe nausea again. I was so sad. I was hoping to wake up to a new day but it just didn’t happen this way. Instead of grabbing my pill, I woke up, heated water and added two tablespoons of ACV and drank it with a straw. The nausea subsided almost immediately and without any medication in my system, I just drank a smoothie from Jamba Juice and ate Oatmeal successfully. This is my first day drinking ACV. Has anyone here been told they have Acid Reflex and if you have, has anyone on here experienced my same symptoms? Does ACV really work for this problem? I have to be honest and say the nausea diminished almost immediately and I have not taken any prescribed medication today. How often should I consume ACV during the week? Also, is it normal for my tummy to feel weak/tender? I don’t have pain – it just feels tender. I guess tender best describes the feeling. I understand that eating meat, oils, etc. bring AR on; however, I am an extremely healthy eater and I have been a vegetarian for years and I do not eat fast food. I think I should add that about a week before this gross sickness broke out, the Superior Market had Cherries on sale for 69 cents a pound and they also had Mangos on sale, 2 for $1.00. In three days, I consumed about 3 pounds of Cherries and 6 Mangos, peel and all. My mom says that this could have brought it on – can fruit lead to Acid Reflex? Would it hurt to take the medication with the ACV or should I just stick with the ACV. It is just so hard to believe that ACV would work so well. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone going through what I am going through. The anxiety makes me feel like I am sicker than what the Dr tells me. My anxiety began when my husband died 10 years ago in a car accident and I have a fear of death. I would appreciate any feedback on ACV – it just sounds hard to believe. So if you have any experience with ACV I would LOVE to hear back from you. I am going to drink it again at lunch. It isn’t the best tasting stuff but I am able to consume it with hot water. (Sorta like a yucky tea) ALSO – CAN STRESS CAUSE ACID RELEX or is it solely from food intake?

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