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Anybody tried TCM?
May 29, 2012

In feb I had a sore throat that did not go away for months even after 2 rounds of antibiotics, saw another doc who diagnosed me as acid reflux as he can see the ' acid burns' from my throat. Gave me meds didnt work and I took some chinese meds for 2 wks and it went away.

I didnt know the 'seriousness' of this and I continued pigging out at buffets, drinking beer and ate everything I like.

Then April I had a very stressful event and this GERD came back with a vegenece. I had a slight sore throat so I took the chinese meds but its not working this time. I keep feeling bloated and an attack of gastritis (stomach burning in pain), went to see doc and he says its gastric flu??? as I have a history of gastric flu. His meds is not helping either. So I went to the ENT who scope down my throat and shocked to see my throat was 'burned'.. He gave me Nexium, Gavsico etc. I took for 2 weeks and it only helped alittle bit.. Anyways I realised I am more of a LPR rather than what he says cos I have the globus feeling. I still feel very bloated despite have small meals, stomach burning, burping etc its making me so uncomfortable and affected my mood, my work and my life. I stopped all these drugs and I turned to TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) and it's been a month im feeling better..except the phlgem is still alittle bit there. I can pretty much eat whatever I wanted, feel hungry easily and overall I feel ok, but yesterday night I had a big bowl of carbs and some fried stuffs (couldnt resist!) and I felt bloated throughout the night.. But i dont get the kind of bloated feeling that I used to that makes me sick to the stomach..

I know how much misery it can caused us to have. Drugs is only there to help you feel better, but it wont 'cured' the root of the problem. You have to let your body heal by yourself n it takes time... Eat more alkaline food and healing food like salmon, sweet potatoes, lotus root, honey etc.. I am not sure if TCM is readily available in your country but if you know of a good one, do go and try. I have had a friend who also had GERD for a long time, and she was on TCM for 6 months and is now fully recovered for a few years already.

I am also eating garlic pill once a day. I intend to try the pine nut oil too since its all natural..

Get well soon everyone!

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