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In January of this year I started having a lump in the throat feeling along with bloating, I didn't really feel any heartburn feeling then. I had an egd done which showed me negative for h. pylori, esophagus looked good, they dialated an opening that looked a little small (dr. thought it might help the lump feeling) they found a small hiatal hernia and that was it. I called back a few weeks later and told the drs. nurse I was still having the lump feeling and a lot of mucus in my throat. They didn't seem too concerned. I decided to see an ent and he looked at my throat by inserted the tube thing in my nose. He said my throat looked like "cobblestones". He said he didn't think it was acid reflux, I think he just thought it showed a lot of drainage. I told him that I really believe this bloating stomach and throat thing was connected. He didn't think so. I told him I was having post nasal drip all the time. I told him I thought it was lpr and he actually laughed and said "lpr?" Anyway he gave me a steroid shot and a prescription for 10 days of amoxicillin. (I'm wondering now if I should have even taken it) I had a ton of antibiotics as a child but hadn't had any in 20 years so I thought it wouldn't hurt. He told me to call him back in two weeks if I wasn't better. He said he would then put me on PPI's. He then admitted that maybe it could be the lpr I mentioned. Well I haven't called him back yet because as soon as I finished the 10 days of amoxicillin I went to my gyno for an endometrial biopsy because I had an abnormal ultrasound which showed a thickened endometrium lining. Ive had several ultrasounds over the years and they always show the same thing. So then he wants to do a endo biopsy in his office. I've had those before and they were always painful but this one was horrendous. I screamed and it was the most painful thing I've ever felt. Anyway, he couldn't finish the biopsy so I am now going to do a D and C next week. Ugh!! He also did a wet smear and said I had bacterial vaginosis (I'd been having some pain when urinating so I requested one) He then told me I needed to take 10 days of flagyl. UGH!! I have 3 more days to go and this stuff is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that it is making my lpr symptoms worse. I am now feeling heartburn at times and I have this AWFUL taste in my mouth 24/7. It reminds me of "sour milk" or almost an infection type taste. I have so much mucus in my throat that I can just continually spit it out if I want to. It's so gross. I'm trying to stick it out and finish the flagyl and get the d and c overwith. (Hopefully it will be alright, I really think he is just trying to rule out uterine cancer. I'm not too worried) I really dread being put to sleep however. I had it done a few years ago. Anyway, sorry this is so long and maybe I got off the subject of acid reflux a bit. I guess I just needed to vent. I sure hope this bad taste goes away after I quit the flagyl. I wonder if it could be that this drug is making my reflux worse. I wake up with this awful sour taste in my mouth every morning and it is so awful. Nothing tastes right. I am taking probiotics everyday. I kinda wish I hadn't even gone to the doctor, all they seem to do is give you antibiotics. I guess after my surgery next week, I'll call the ent back and tell him that the antibiotics did absolutely nothing for me and I'll try the PPI's. I hate to but I don't know what else to do.

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