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I am new here, so just a little background. I am female, age 34, I am overweight and live a somewhat sedentary life style. My known illnesses/diseases are: I have bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms (no thanks to taking Yasmin), Arnold Chiari Malformation, sensorineural hearing loss, asthma, high cholesterol and now something with my stomach, the ER thinks its esophageal spasms, I think its most likely GERD. They want me to do an upper scope but well I have no insurance. So anyway that about wraps up some background on me.

Due to my lack of insurance I go to a clinic that does sliding scale and they help me get my medications through a program called Freemed. I have started receiving Carafate, Reglan, and Omeprazole for my stomach stuff. I have been told to watch for involuntary twitches with the Reglan but right now I shake uncontrollably from, what I guess is, Lipitor that I am on.

Due to my multiple conditions I am on a whopping 15 medications in total. I am too young for this crap but I deal with it the best I can. My question to you guys is what is possibly wrong with me? I have extra chest pain (different from the P.E. pain), upper back pain, and severe heartburn, and frequent hiccups. My doc said ER could be right but tested me for H-Pylori to be safe and it was negative. My thoughts are GERD because the medications they gave me help the heartburn, hiccups a lot.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance and thanks if you made it through my novel!

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