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Hi all...
Does this happen to anyone else...i can feel the acid in my throat and the bubbles so to speak that it produces,,,but it really doesnt burn that much...same thing in my chest i can fell the acid there..but its not burning...does that mean the prevacid is working? or am i just crazy...and also does anyone know about Bvitamins..the lady at health food store said they were good for stomach but they are like horse pills and I cant swallow does anyone know if they are ok to crush(eww I know) they are as big as half my thumb...jus cant do it..maybe if they were
I appreciate everyones help with the answers..

That happened to me a lot. The PPIs didn't make the acid go away, but they did relieve some of the burn. Probably means it is working.

And yes, you can crush vitamins. Or, better, buy a liquid or chewable, or get it in capsule form so you can just open the capsules and mix it in with some soft food.
hi sadgirl...
i have changed my diet completely..nothing fatty or fried,,no junk food or chocolate or coffee, or tea or iced tea or pop,,,nothing but water and apple juice maybe carrot juice once in a milk i drink almond milk and occasionally soy..i barely eat red meat or pork..i eat chicken breast no skin and baked or bbq ( no sauce) lots of fish,,and homemade onions or very little as i find they upset my stomach now, i eat alot of salads with a yougurt and kefir dressing..i eat the natural probiotic yogurt and some pretzels now and again,,no cookies nothing "good" so to speak when i say good i mean good tasting...not that i really ate alot of that stuff before,,,i am slowly trying to reintroduce stuff into my bread(only the good bread tho) peanut butter, garlic etc. I have raised the head of my bed up i sleep still on an angle...i drink the reflux tea..gonna start taking the b vitamins and DGL and digestive enzymes and propolis once i am done taking the antibiotics for my sore tooth...but i know that the tetracyclen can cause stomach upset and screw up the good and bad bacteria as it sits right now ia m trying to do all the good stuff...i guess i just want everything to work faster and be better quicker ya know...i want things to be like they were before my mom got sick and passed away and my life turned upside down with all of this....
i do feel better than when it first started but i know about the revound whenweaning off i am very leary of that as i am kinda feeling it a bit already as i forgot to take the prevacid for 2 days in row and then took it for one and didnt again for another when my tooth was really bad and now i am feeling the burn i think because of not really sure.....doe sit come and go,,,does it really get better...
if there is anything else you can recommend i would appreciate it.

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