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Damaged throat?
Jun 13, 2012
hey yall, I'm 24 healthy male.
So here's my problem:
I have been a dipper(skoal wintergreen) for about 8 or 9 years and I'm pretty sure that's been the cause of my acid problems as I've been eating rolaids like candy since I was 17. Well about to weeks ago on a tuesday (after a weekend of heavy drinking with friends) I had some pizza for dinner. I woke up at about 3am with the absolute worst heart burn I've ever had. I was gagging almost threw up and there was a lot of acid in my throat cause it was really irritated and burning, anyways somehow I didn't puke. So the next day of course I had the feeling like there was an apple stuck in my throat but I noticed something strange. My gland right by the artery where you check your pulse in your neck was swollen, It's not painful or anything but its swollen up to about the size of a marble. I went out of town that week and when I got home went to see the doc. He said it was pharyngitis and gave me a z pack.

So I took my z pack for the 5 days I was told to do so and it is still swollen. No more acid problems since I've been on prilosec. Also the other night I went to the ER because my neck got super stiff almost like someone was grabbing it from behind. So the doctor prescribed me augmentin that I'm fixing to start taking.

Anyways my question is, has anyone ever experienced swollen lymph nodes from acid getting in your throat?

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