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I'm hoping you all have some ideas here. I'm 30 years old with odd symptoms and I'm not getting any answers.
Shortness of breath 24/7
Heart palpitations. Feel my heart in my throat and head
waking in the middle of the night feeling like I can't breath along with adrenalin surges
Can't fall asleep till about 3am at times because of above symptoms.
chest pain above left breast
dry cough on exhale-sometimes
burning in throat
occasional heart burn
feelings on intense pressure in my head
Fast heart rate

Tests I've had done
4 EKGs-normal
Heart monitor-some irregularities but all "normal"
Head MRI-normal
Chest CT with contrast-normal
blood work-normal but did have elevated CKI at 382 but other heart enzymes were negative.

My next step is a stress test and I'm seeing a lung specialist in a few days.
I'm wondering If my symptoms can be contributed to acid reflux?? I do have anxiety but I'm sure this is not the root cause of this. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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