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Also, on a related note, I had a pretty difficult thing happen to me when I got home from work. I had this "stuck" feeling in the middle of my chest...Just a "stuck" or "congested" feeling in my chest where my esophagus probably is. Did/tried some burping to try to "clear it out," but it was hard to get out a full burp, and eventually I had some food come out with one of the burps (didn't eat in a while, and wasn't acidic as I took Pepcid AC earlier). I had momentary, slight relief when the food came out, which clued me into the fact that the feeling was probably the pieces of food that were stuck in my esophagus.

Again, it was just a slight and momentary relief...I just tried to stay standing and relax, sometimes bending down and arching my back, which seemed to help. From there, I just waited, and it took a while, before it went away and I felt normal. It's hard to describe: Almost a slight "choking" feeling, even though the "stuck" feeling is in the chest...If that makes any sense at all. I've had this before a decent amount of time, as well, just didn't have it recently. I wanted to see if anyone here experienced this type of a thing, as well, as it's something I just really need to eliminate from my life (I can deal with minor GERD symptoms).

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