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[QUOTE=Johnah;5011543]Don't be too quick to judge the PPI's, millions of people take them with good results. It takes 3-5 days for PPI's to start working. Always downsides to drugs but if the benefit outweighs that it may be best to take them. Certainly if you haven't been on H2's you should start with them, not sure why you would get PPI's first without trying a H2 like Pepcid etc. first. Less chance of rebound with that group of drugs.[/QUOTE]

I been many doctors and they all gave ppi. I am pretty clean guy in terms of mess is maybe why I'm so sensitive to ppi. But everyone is different. I never had chronic heart burn til I took raberprozele. I used Zantac and change lifestyle to fix that headache. After two years had some cramps so asked doc if had hiatal hernia. Ended up with nexium. When it wore out symptoms when ten times crazy burnt the crap out of me middle of night. No I'm freaked out BC I know esophagus is injured hurts at bottom when eat n feels sore in area. Just don't want anyone end up like me.

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