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Hi all,

I wonder if any can help with this.

A few months ago I think remember regurgitating some acid into the back of my throat and I'm not sure but I think since then I've been suffering from a burnt throat due to the acid. I say I think because I just remember when the symptoms started and I tried piecing things together.

Symptoms are; Larynx 'catching' or 'clicking' on the upper part of my esophagus, excessive mucus production, throat clearing, difficulty swallowing and post nasal drip. I get the symptoms lightly throughout the day but mostly during and immediately after eating. I don't appear to get them 1-2 hours after eating like GERD.

I'm not sure if its silent reflux because I don't have typical symptoms such as sore throat, a bad taste, hoarseness or any particular problems during the night.

I am sure my throat is burnt because yesterday I had some apple cider vinegar as I heard it was good for reflux but instead of diluting it I took a shot which absolutely ruined my throat for the entire day. It was on fire and was catching like crazy!

Is it possible to cause that kind of damage from one fairly unremarkable bout of reflux?

Also; any good tips on how to heal a damaged throat?

All the best,


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