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[QUOTE=MRichards1957;5011860]If you say so, but my ENT says there is no evidence that the stomach needs the amount of acid it normally has and that studies have proved that food is still digested normally. Maybe you're a doc and know more than him. I am not a doc and I defer to him because he knows more than me about this issue.[/QUOTE]

I have given my views as to what i personally find. I am NOT giving medical advice even though i studied medicine in London this forum is NOT for diagnosis. It is a big step for your ENT to tell you that the stomach does not need the amount of acid it normally has. Not sure what studies you are quoting as far as the stomach being able to digest normally with no or little acid. As far as acid reflux is concerned, it is the weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter that can cause the pain as the acid leaks back into the esophagus. too much acid in the stomach can cause all kinds of problems.
I am not teling any one to stop taking any medicines they find help with reflux. I am saying that using the bicarb often brings instant relief with no nasty side effects. I have not said don't listen to your Doctor but there are more than just your Doctors ways of helping with reflux.

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