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Hello All
my Name is Zeyad Zaghloul
and i am 18 years old

i suffer from a real problem although feels like it is a small one but really it irritates my life so much PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

simply from about six years till now i still suffer from that same feeling of very very very sticky phlegm or mucus in my throat that i can't spit it out or even swallow it, it just stand there in my throat and it increased so much in this lasting period that i feel i will choke or die
i try constantly 24 hours to swallow it or at least i try swallow my saliva or drink as much water as i can, but either this fails to get it down
i went to several ENT doctors maybe 30 or even more up till now, and yet i am still taking appointments to go meet more doctors, and also I made several Ct scans, barium swallow test and endoscopy and i got several diagnosis for this problem as follows:

1) i have a deviated nasal septum
2) i have enlarged right turbinates
3) i have mild sinusitis
4) that is post nasal drip
5) globus ( psychological feeling )
6) Allergy
7) chronic throat inflammation
8) acid reflux
9) long uvula
10) small hatial hernia
11) sicca syndrome or sjogrens syndrome

one of the doctors said that i should go for a surgery to correct my nasal septum direction and to remove a part of the turbinates, then i could breath well from my nose and so this will make me close my mouth while sleeping and my throat would be less inflamed and less soar, then this feeling would go away and also I still breath bad only from one nostril

and so i made this surgery 3 months ago but unfortunately it had no any effects,

then another doctor said that he should cut a small part of my uvula ( that thing hanging at the back of the mouth ) he said itís long and itís the cause of this feeling since it touches the throat, but another two doctors said no this size is normal and many have it this size and yet they do not suffer from any of my symptoms

but all doctors were sure that I have chronic throat inflammation and they give me medications and gargles and after 10 days the inflammation goes away and the symptoms remain as they are,

some doctors said it was allergy but all allergy medications I took were useless
as well as post nasal drip which non of the medications were useful

only one doctor mentioned that it is sjorgenís syndrome and I was convinced by his words but others said that I should have dry eyes but my eyes are very normal I think

I read many topics on the internet so I thought it might be zinkers diverticlum and I made a barium swallow test which showed nothing wrong and very weak reflux, and a small hatial hernia
I also read that it might be cricopharenegeal muscle spasm but doctors said there should be pain if this was true, but I suffer no pain at all
The endoscopy said that I have weak reflux because the muscle at the valve between the stomach and the esophagus doesnít close well written as follows: ďincompetent OGJ ďand wrote in conclusion ďNERD ď
some doctors said that this very undectable reflux could be the reason and they gave me medications of proton pump inhibitors ( controloc 40mg) for 10 days but had no effect as well
I donít know if I should go for this surgery as well or not, please help

non of them seems to help me, please I need your help because I cannot sleep easily due to this feeling at all, and this extreme lack of sleep affects everything in my life yes EVERYTHING, and my work efficiency is very bad , my mood is horrible, my breath is not good and I always feel that I am choking in addition I cannot concentrate or even easily eat

my symptoms are as follows:

1) feeling of mucus in my throat 24 hours that once I wake up feel it immediately
2) constant trying to swallow it
3) usually I feel I need to clear my throat
4) I have very thick saliva which increases in thickness so so so much when I either drink water, soda, coca or even after eating or brushing my teeth with a toothpaste or even after running or gargelling
5) I sometimes not allot, I feel heartburns
6) I feel fatigue 24 hours ( maybe due to lack of sleep )

ok please please please I need your help, I would be gratley thankful if any of you can help me or had a similar case and was correctly diagnosed and treated because now my parents thinks itís psychological and this also irritates my life
i'm so sorry darkness dew that you are suffering. I had the same problem swallowing especially at night-felt like i was choking and i cleared my throat constantly. The first thing i asked for was some medicine to increase my saliva. If you go on this medicine and it helps relieve your symptoms, then you will know that your mouth problem is dry mouth. That can be sjogren's or something else, but at least you will know why you are choking. Mine turned out to be sjogrens-i did have dry eyes, but didn't really notice them until after suffering with the terrible dry mouth. Hopefully you will get some relief so you can get some sleep!! The two that i have tried are Salagen and Evoxac. Ask your ENT if you can try one just to see if it helps. They are very safe medicines and they work within minutes. I could not sleep without mine! Good luck i hope you find your answer soon.
ok first of all millions of thanks for your reply
and yes my problem increases at night so much specially when i am sleeping, which give me a very awful feeling that i will choke, that sometimes i wish i die and stop this feeling
and what makes me more disappointed is the different doctor's diagnosis
and yes also i try to clear my throat constantly, and i feel it's really mucus yes to the degree i was unable to trust doctors when they say nothing is in there
i will ask my ENT for these medicins and buy them and try, i hope this helps
if it really helped then i owe you all my life believe me because i am really suffering that i got to hate my life due to this problem and even if it didn't work then again much thanks for your care to reply

thanks allot for the help

So i just read your post and it seems like we have alot of symptoms in common. My case started off with general all day fatigue, with a kind of mild dizziness - i think the fatigue is mainly due to mucsle aches, which i feel constantly regardless of whether i exercise of not - the ache is mainly in my calf muscles strangely. I also get poor circulation sometimes - for instance when i'm sitting on the toilet my feet will get pins and needles, and when i elevate my arms for a period i get a similar sensation in my hands.

I've been suffering from the fatigue for about 2 years now, and this is always interspersed with some general stomach pain - more like a dull ache, and some sensitivities - around stomach or lower left quadrant. Although this I do not have irritable bowels.

So originally i thought this was CFS, and the docs tell me this is what they group people with fatigue when they don't know what else it is after testing for everything else.

I've probably tried every kind of allopathic medicine there is, but nothing really changes the way i feel. The other symptoms i suffer from - which are relatively mild, and CFS makes no mention of, is stingy eyes - which i guess is dry eyes, and a dry mouth - i always need a glass of water by my bed, and feel dehydrated alot - so it might well be Sjorens syndrome - and will ask my doctor to test me further for this - although i hear the tests aren't very conclusive.

The more recent change i've noticed which is how i found your post, is this constant feeling of phlegm in the back of my throat, which as you say, lasts all day, and doesn't appear to be real (at least when my ENT looked down my throat with his digital camera - although i guess it may be that my mucus is slightly thicker hence the feeling - he said the mucus levels looked normal and no signs of infection. Also what i do cough up is rarely colored, and its doesn't come out easily - the doc said if he tried hard enough he could bring up something similar. I thought it could be post nasal drip - but the doctor didn't seem to think that, and the nasal sprays i tried should have alleviated that, and it didn't.

I also had mild sinusitis, deviated septum and enlarged turbinates, i had surgery to correct that, and it did nothing to my condition. So i don;t think that's what the problem is.

I also tried mucinex, which didn't really do anything, and didn't help me bring up anything, probably because there is nothing really to bring up, and if you do bring some stuff up, the body will just generate more anyway.

One thing the doctor did say, is that this feeling of phlegm in the throat in 20% of cases, can actually be coming from the stomach - so perhaps that is something to explore.

So can you tell me a bit about your fatigue, is it muscle ache, or more of a general sleepiness. Personally i sleep really well, and do not find myself wanting to fall asleep during the day, so i think it really is a muscle aches that makes me feel general fatigue - kind of like after running a marathon. What was your disease progression like, did it start with one symptom and spread to the another. I only recently developed the phlegm feeling, and that started after a heavy night of smoking and drinking which hasn't gone away, depsite not smoking for about 10 weeks.

Also how are you feeling now, did the sensation go away eventually, or are you still dealing with it?

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