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About three years ago while working out i had a back injury .
I was pushing too hard and pulled a muscle .
Im not sure if it was a pulled muscle or if i got a stomach hernia , because after that i started waking up with a sore thorat in the morning.
I thought this was coming from my nose to my previous extensive drug use .
Eventually figured out it was acid reflux.
I also used to burp alot when i drank beer and sometimes forced very heavy and long burps out. I think this was one of the reasons i got this
my only symptom in the begining was a sore throat in the morning
I have tried aciphex , nexium and another ppi i dont remmember - none of them helped . sometimes the food would be in my stomach and wouldnt even digest from these .A medication that worked pretty well but i wasnt too fond of taking it was gaviscon . It created a float on top of the stomach but still would last only a few hours and i had to wake up and take more.

The things that give me the most releive is :
sleeping on an reflux pillow.
drinking slippery elm tea - this stuff does miracles i swear !
I have used acv for a month and some time but i would still wake up with a sore throat. Slippery elm coats your throat and stomach and i dont wake up with a sore throat anymore.

However now my symptoms are that i feel i have an enflamed esophagus
and alot of the time i have to burp for the food to go down.

Also if i eat a very large meal i feel the food fills my stomach and then it stays in my throat as if the muscles are not pushing it down and the LES is not closing after it.

The only time i get reflux is when im sleeping
im thinking it has to do with my LES/
had a barrium swallow and they said very minimal reflux leakage into esophagus.
Do i have a hernia?
Waiting for a endoscopy but the wait is very long and it wont be for a while .
Any suggestions how i can tighten my LES?
Ive quit smoking seldom drink and do drugs .
Thank you for reading.

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