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Gerd :(
Jul 12, 2012
Whats going on guys?
This is my story....
I am 23 years old. Asian male 2 weeks ago i was 198 pounds at 5 foot 7. My diet consisted of eating out everynight IE fatty foods, fried foods, and whatever food that didnt have vegetables. 2 mondays ago i was drinking a huge cup of McDonalds Coffee, and felt like my throat was closing up. Then gassyness in my stomach followed. then anxiety. I was very scared and panicked when i was stuck in LA traffic while thinking my throat was closing due to mucus. I went to the doctors that saturday, and they prescribed me Azithromycin. I told him about my stomach and my symptoms, and i asked him if it could be acid reflux, and he said no immediately because i was young. That night i was DYING. my stomach was growling i've never had a heartburn before but it felt like when i was swallowing food the low burning sensation on my chest. I was having anxiety attacks and such. I then realized that it was GERD and acid reflux and istarted to take Omezaprol 20mg generic version from CVS.

Last friday i went to St.Judes and my doctor confirmed that it was probably GERD. My symptoms have been getting better. I've been belching alot though is this normal? I been forcing out my burps to make my stomach feel better. I dont feel any heartburns anymore, but i feel as if my stomach is bloated with gas and i need to let it out. My throat also sometimes feels like its clogged or has mucus and I think im having a hard time breating.

The first week sleeping was the hardest thing to do in the world. I couldnt sleep, but not it got better and i am able to sleep on a wedge pillow. I just switched from generic cvs Omezaprol to Prilosec yesterday and now its been a week and 2 days since i've taken the pills.

My symptoms are getting better, i went to the accupuncture for help, im drinking ACV twice a day (once in the morning and once before i sleep) does my symptoms sound normal to you guys? Ive accepted christ recently and its been helping me so much with the anxiety, just knowing God is there watching over me. I've been eating real good these days i never had a full salad before, but now im eating salad and i can see lettuce in my stool. *is this normal as well? im guessing its my body getting used to these new veggies. Anyways thank you for hearing me out. and I pray for everyone on this website with GERD that GOD will heal us all. If you need prayers or have prayer requests please send them my way. I cant heal you but i will surely pray for our healing.

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