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Hello, I am new here, and wish to ask if my symptoms of frequent slight nausea, weakness, muzzy head, and exercise intolerance could be caused by GERD. These symptoms appeared a few months before I had a heart pacemaker implanted for heart block (Wenkeback) quite recently, and it's working OK, but the same symptoms are still present, so apparently they were not caused by that problem.

Although I had a couple of acid refluxes in the night choking me, a few years ago, I have had none since, nor heartburn, nor stomach pain or upsets. I have read that GERD sometimes only shows itself by nausea, so before seeing my doctor I would like to ask the question here, where there is a lot of experience. I can read here how complicated a diagnosis can be, as food intolerance and other factors might be involved.
Forgot to add, my voice became hoarse and I cough frequently and bring up clear mucus.
Nausea, hoarseness and cough are fairly common symptoms of GERD. The others usually aren't.

You could try sleeping with the head of your bed elevated, to reduce reflux. If you smoke or drink, stop. Also avoid caffeine, fried food, and mint. Those are the most common reflux triggers, other triggers vary a lot from person to person.
Thanks for your comments jane. I didn't explain the exercise intolerance properly, I shoud have said that the feelings of nausea increased with doing work, making it unpleasant, although physically I am capable and quite fit through lots of jogging up until recently, still walking miles with dogs but a bit weak-legged.
Ah, I didn't realize that was what you meant. Exercise can definitely worsen GERD, especially if your workout includes bending over, bouncing up and down, or most exercises for your abs. That whole year when my GERD was really bad, I couldn't do any abdominal exercises without getting horribly nauseous.

Definitely, it sounds like digestive problems could be what's wrong. I'd make an appointment with a good gastroenterologist and see what happens. In the meanwhile, try the lifestyle measures I mentioned.
Wow, I'm brand new to this board and yours was the first message I clicked on, but your symptoms describe mine almost perfectly. My regular physician has referred me to a specialist because she believes I may have GERD. I have my first appointment in three days, but I also have that fuzzy feeling in my head and weakness, especially after I try to eat something. When I exert myself I get short of breath and have to sit or lie down. However, I do get the nausea after I eat. I first went to my regular doctor because I thought I was having a heart attack, but she said everything else was fine, then suggested it might be GERD. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, too, but it is nice to find someone who is experiencing something similar, that this really might be what has been bothering me all along.
Hi CJMG, I'm sorry you're suffering the same way as me, but it's good that you're consulting doctors about it.
Nausea can be caused by so many compaints, so I believe that diagnosis can be difficult. I see my doctor next week, I am not yet sure whether my heart condition, causing a pacemaker to be recently implanted, has anything to do with it, or anything else. GERD seems the most likely at the moment, but I'll wait and see.

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