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Long story so i'll try to keep it short and relatively simple.

I've always had a bad habit of clearing my throut and would say it is a nervous habbit. Had been throat clearing for about 10 years. Primarily cleared throat before and while speaking.

2.5 years ago I had mutliple colds back to back and they lasted about 2 months. During this time I was very hoarsed and couldnt produce a normal voice. I work in phone sales I not working for a month or two was not an option so I just tried to work through it. After I recovered from the colds my voice never recovered.

After I had the colds my voice was hoarse, lacked projection, had vocal frying and just sounded terrible and kept me from being productive and functional like before. In an attempt get my voice back I started clearing my throat alot more. This didnt help!

I saw an ENT who did the endoscope thing and said there was no obvious problem he could see(cancer etc...) He asked me if I had any felling of acid reflux, I said no even though I didnt know what those feelings were. He sent me to a vocal therapist thinking that would fix the problem. The therapy didnt fix the problem during the 2-3 months I saw him but I do think he gave me some technigues that have helped some over time.

Here is where things get confusing. After having the cold, I felt I couldnt not clear my throat because i've always felt like I had phlegm in my throat that needed to be cleared. My wife convinced that that clearing my throat was really bad for me and I needed to stop. So, I stoped clearing my throat but because I felt I had phegm to clear I started the equally bad habit of coughing to clear the phlegm. Seeing this was just another form of clearing my throat and harmful to myself my wife conviced me I need to stop coughing as well. So, I stopped coughing and just left the phlegm im my thoat. I soon learned that leaving that phlegm in my throat IMPROVED MY VOICE QUALITY. By improved I dont mean everything was fixed with my voice I just mean that I was now able to produce and project my voice better than I was before. It has now been like this for about 6 months. When there is little to know phlegm in my throat my voice is bad(lacks projection, vocal frying etc), when I have a moderate level of phlegm in my throat my voice is not great but its somewhat functional and I can say whats on my mind if though it doesnt sound perfect by any means, when i have excess phlegm in my throat I can project my voice but it sounds very gargly(like i have a bunch of phlegm in my throat which I do) If i cough up the plegm there isnt alot and its clear.

One a side note, when my voice lacks the phlegm I have difficulty producing vowels.

Another side note, when my voice is bad I can feel tenstion in my neck.

My voice problems are ruining my life. I'm not the same person I used to be before my voice problems. I've learned that lacking a functional voice affects almost EVERYTHING in life.

Any ideas?


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