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Go to your local health store if you can't get answers from your Dr. If you do not have insurance, I can tell you what I am taking for Post Nasel drip. I am taking Bluebonnet Super Quercetin. I am also taking Bio-k by pill which has to stay refrigerated, I am taking Enzymes, drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for nausea (Which is related to nasel drip) as needed. I have needed it once today and the nausea is gone. I am also having to gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar every night with very warm water and just began this process last night. I am also doing the sea salt flush in my nose. Am I feeling better after going through this for an entire month? No. But everything in life takes times. There are no miracle cures and as with everything - you just have to stick with it to see change. I am also doing a lot of praying. Out of all the things I am currently taking, I have to say the Apple Cider Vinegar works the best. Keep me posted.
Thank you ladybug and sealbeachluvr. I do have insurance, so I might go to a ear, nose throat doctor. This is driving me crazy. I didn't realize that nausea is related to pnd. Good to know since I thought there was something else wrong with me. Like I said when I eat crackers or something I feel like it helps get "it" down, but then returns. Thank you for your replies, I sincerely appreciate it.

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