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I have had a burning sensation in my stomach area and then sometimes later on behind my my rib cage and sometimes the feeling is in the back of my throat. The more I stress about it, it gets worst. My doctor put me on omeprozal and it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. I have anxiety and Health Anxiety. I am so obsessed with cancer that it drives me crazy. My dad died of liver and colon cancer and ever since that I cannot get the word "Cancer" out of my mind. I go and look into the internet and type in how I feel and cancer comes up. The burning sensation can last all day it comes and goes. I can feel it on my shoulders and going through the my back. Can someone relate to this.
I do good for some days then depends on what I eat or if I bend down or if my anxiety kicks in I fell the burning sensation in my stomach and my throat followed by a sour/salty taste in my mouth. The doctor gave me another medication to take with omeprazol.

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