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Hey guys sorry of this is in the wrong category but I have had some more diverse symptoms lately. I am 15 and my problem started after a holiday abroad after which I caught a virus and threw up etc. I was fine for a week after but then when I had to go back to school (it was the holidays) I felt sick again. Missed two weeks. I felt sick and weak and that was it really. Those symptoms have never gone away but my symptoms not are:

- nausea
- slight tightness in throat
- upper abdominal pain
- lower abdominal pain
- sometimes acid taste in mouth
- sudden loss of appetite

I hate going out with my friends now as I'm afraid I will feel sick and get really nervous and experience symptoms of anxiety as I really don't want to feel or be sick at all. This is really ruining my life at te moment I just want to go out and enjoy myself but never feel well enough to or want to. I especially hate going out to eat as sometimes I just have no appetite an it is embarrassing being out with my friends and not wanting to eat. I just dont enjoy or look forward to anything anymore :( I have had this for 9 months and had an endoscopy barium swallow and blood test all was good. My parents think im fine and my friends don't even know anything is wrong. Please help and thanks for reading :)

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