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Please someone help me! I got a virus in April 2012 and had a very bad cough . My Dr prescribed all sorts of medicine and it lasted weeks. I was left with a post nasel drip that would not clear up/ and constantly clearing my throat (worse after meals). My dr didnt believe me and told me to take depression pills. I then began to become depressed because no one believed me that i was feeling PND and constantly claering my throat. I began to loose weight and didnt want to come out of my room. I have two kids that i wasnt able to take care of....I began counseling and decided to go back to the Dr and I demanded to get refer to a ENT. I told him if the test come back fine i will agree to take the ant-depressents..When i seen the ENT he diagnosed me with LPR. And put me on ppis twice a day. I was only taking one ppi a day until 3 weeks ago. So for 3 weeks i have been on twice a day regimine. When he scoped me he found a polyp and told me he wanted to remove it just to make sure it wasnt cancerous. Thank God It wasnt. But I was put to sleep for that operation. Two days after my operation (Aug 7, 2012) i noticed a clicking/ popping sensation everytime i swallow. its on my left side of my throat. it doesnt hurt but its annoying and its scares me alot! causing my depression to get worse.! My Dr said to give it some time or it can be that im ultra sensative! im not making it up, it feels horrible. Its not like hes going to tell me he might have messed something up. Im only 31 years old and i lost my flavor for life. i feel that im not getting any better... A week ago i started having a globus feeling like something is stuck in my throat. Like a pill is there... no one ever posts how they got passed this horrible disease so please someone help me! i dont know how much more i can take of this. ITS RUINING MY MARRIAGE? MY HUSBAND IS TIRED OF SEEING ME DOWN!

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