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I too developed this strange throat click sensation about 2 months ago. It started when I was learning a new song and I woke up with a sore voice box. It hurt when I would talk and sing. A few days later my throat started to click. I finally went to an ENT and she diagnosed me with LPR. She looked t my larynx with a scope and said it was irritated. She prescribed me Prilosec twice per day. I also cut my caffeine intake to one cup of coffee per day. I do not drink soft drinks. So this week I had my 6 week follow up and there is no change. My voice box still hurts (sometimes burns) and my throat still clicks. If I turn my head to the left, it does not click. Turn it to the right and it clicks most of the time. Usually only with a dry swallow. When I eat or drink, I usually do not notice it.

Now he is sending me for a CT scan and then to a voice specialist. He thinks my throat is getting caught on my Hyoid bone. He said it could be from the LPR or could be from the stress and anxiety that I have over this (I tend to always jump t o the worst conclusion). Have any of you two found a solution to this problem?

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