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Please someone help me! I got a virus in April 2012 and had a very bad cough . My Dr prescribed all sorts of medicine and it lasted weeks. I was left with a post nasel drip that would not clear up/ and constantly clearing my throat (worse after meals). My dr didnt believe me and told me to take depression pills. I then began to become depressed because no one believed me that i was feeling PND and constantly claering my throat. I began to loose weight and didnt want to come out of my room. I have two kids that i wasnt able to take care of....I began counseling and decided to go back to the Dr and I demanded to get refer to a ENT. I told him if the test come back fine i will agree to take the ant-depressents..When i seen the ENT he diagnosed me with LPR. And put me on ppis twice a day. I was only taking one ppi a day until 3 weeks ago. So for 3 weeks i have been on twice a day regimine. When he scoped me he found a polyp and told me he wanted to remove it just to make sure it wasnt cancerous. Thank God It wasnt. But I was put to sleep for that operation. Two days after my operation (Aug 7, 2012) i noticed a clicking/ popping sensation everytime i swallow. its on my left side of my throat. it doesnt hurt but its annoying and its scares me alot! causing my depression to get worse.! My Dr said to give it some time or it can be that im ultra sensative! im not making it up, it feels horrible. Its not like hes going to tell me he might have messed something up. Im only 31 years old and i lost my flavor for life. i feel that im not getting any better... A week ago i started having a globus feeling like something is stuck in my throat. Like a pill is there... no one ever posts how they got passed this horrible disease so please someone help me! i dont know how much more i can take of this. ITS RUINING MY MARRIAGE? MY HUSBAND IS TIRED OF SEEING ME DOWN!
LPR can be tough and frustrating. I'm sure you've found that while reading posts on this board. I know that I've found it to be a tough journey personally.

The throat is very sensitive and it can take a long time to heal enough to really feel a difference on the PPI's. My Gastroenterologist wanted me to take at least 4-6 weeks on a PPI before making a determination on whether or not it was helping at all. I had to go through a series of PPI's before I found the one that worked best for me. It is hard to get through that period though.

Personally, I found that the acid reflux/LPR can trigger PND.

There are a lot of questions I have about what you've tried. What lifestyle changes have you made to help deal with the acid reflux issues? Have you changed your diet? Are you waiting at least 3 hours before laying down after eating? Are you wearing tight waistbands? Have you tried raising the head of your bed so you are sleeping on an incline? Some people find sleeping on the left side helps. Do you know when your worst times are? Have you identified your personal triggers that make things even worse? Are you using any other meds as supplements with your PPI's? You could check with your doctor. My GI doc recommended Gaviscon or Zantac as additional options with my PPI's. He also recommended a good probiotic as well.

Are you absolutely certain that the clicking/popping noises are coming from your throat? Intubation can cause problems to your TMJ if they weren't careful. I know that was the case for me. It is a very crude test, but try placing your fingers in your ears and opening and closing your jaw. If you feel the popping when you do that it could be you are dealing with TMJD issues. There is a good sticky at the top of the TMJ board regarding TMJD symptoms.
Thank you so much for taking time to write back to me. It means the world to me. I really havent changed my eating habits because basically any foods i eat causes the same symptoms. I get phlem in my throat and post nasel drip. i have to clear my throat alot bc i feel something stuck in there. at times i just feel i may be going crazy... Because some days are worse than others. The only thing im taking right now is omeprazole 20mg twice a day . i have been doing that for 3 1/2 weeks. i must say it is getting better, but like i mentioned the clicking in my throat took me back 3 steps. im so fearful one day my throat will close on me.
After i eat i spit out thick saliva/ mucus..
I did check my ears and the click is positivly coming from my left side of my sounds like a nuckle crack. The only Dr i see is a ENT , should i see a gastrologist?
The ENT also told me that everything in my throat looked fine (meaning no inflamation/ or redness) but because of my symptoms he was going to say it was LPR.
he thinks that the virus i had in april may have triggered lpr.

This has caused me so much Fear!
i can deal with everything except the globus feeling/ and throat clicking.!
I dont wear tight clothes. and i started yesturday sleeping on an incline..
what medicine helped you?
You are still on pretty low dosages of your PPI. It may take more time to see improvement or you may need to up your dosage or try a different PPI. Personally, I didn't have any success with omeprazole at all and found others that worked better. It really is an individual thing.

I ended up with an unusually severe case of acid reflux that caused me some very severe health problems that are a bit atypical. That said, I ended up putting together a team of doctors that helped me get things under control. I had my primary care doctor. I had an ENT who treated my allergies already and he worked with me on the LPR issues. I also saw a Gastroenterologist who assessed my overall digestive health in addition assisting with my acid reflux issues. My LPR caused me significant breathing issues also so I also had a Pulmonologist on my team.

If you don't see significant improvement after a longer period of time on the PPI's, it may be worth considering seeing a Gastroenterologist. There are additional tests your ENT and Gastroenterologists can do to confirm your acid reflux and to try to determine if there are any other underlying issues.

Also, there are a few good threads on here that are by peope who developed LPR after a virus. You might do some searches to see their discussions because they found success with other types of treatments.
thank you so much. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks before I change medicine. Thanks for making me feel I'm not alone. I just wish some of the people from other threads from years ago can tell me how there doing.... If anyone reading this has a story with lpr please share.......
I too developed this strange throat click sensation about 2 months ago. It started when I was learning a new song and I woke up with a sore voice box. It hurt when I would talk and sing. A few days later my throat started to click. I finally went to an ENT and she diagnosed me with LPR. She looked t my larynx with a scope and said it was irritated. She prescribed me Prilosec twice per day. I also cut my caffeine intake to one cup of coffee per day. I do not drink soft drinks. So this week I had my 6 week follow up and there is no change. My voice box still hurts (sometimes burns) and my throat still clicks. If I turn my head to the left, it does not click. Turn it to the right and it clicks most of the time. Usually only with a dry swallow. When I eat or drink, I usually do not notice it.

Now he is sending me for a CT scan and then to a voice specialist. He thinks my throat is getting caught on my Hyoid bone. He said it could be from the LPR or could be from the stress and anxiety that I have over this (I tend to always jump t o the worst conclusion). Have any of you two found a solution to this problem?

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