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Like many of you, I get breathing problems, most likely resulting from my acid reflux. Sometimes I can grind and bear them, other times, like right now, they scare the hell out of me. During these times I think about going to the emergency room. I never have because I don't want to go if I don't need to (I went several months ago for dehydration brought about by an intestinal bug, the bill for that was big enough as it is). I'm also worried about what would happen there. Does anyone have experience with going to the ER for breathing difficulties? What do they do? One thing I've always been afraid of, especially if it's an emergency, a tube getting shoved down my throat. Now, I'm sure most people don't deal well with that, I certainly don't think I would, it's a challenge to even get a cleaning at the dentist. I already woke up once with a tube in my throat during an endoscopy. Obvious I entered panic mode immediately, I only manaegd to calm down a bit because a nurse said that it was nearly done.

Another thing I wanted to ask is can LPR cause sinus congestion? My nose has never been the greatest, I have year-round allergies, but for the last year or so it's been really bad. Often times, it suddenly becomes real hard to breath out of my nose. It's not gradual, it just suddenly happens. I've noticed that when that happens, my breathing issues get even worse, it's like when it's hard to breathe through my nose it's harder to breathe through my mouth, the classic "take deep breaths until I feel satisfied then start over". Also, when my nose stuffs up like that I feel a lot of pressure in it. It's been awhile since I started this message and far longer since my problems started this night and I'm finally started to feel better, my nose has cleared up and my breathing is better, though still not normal. I still kind of have pain in my chest though, but not like it was. I don't recall ever having an aching pain in my chest during one of these episodes.

Have any of you tried inhalers for these breathing issues? Have they helped at all? Also, what tests would you recommend for the breathing issues? The only thing for them specifically that I've really had done was getting some clip put on my finger that measured my oxygen intake. My lungs were at 98% capacity so things certainly seemed fine. That was a couple years ago and I think on the day I went in I wasn't really having any major breathing issues, I never am when I see a doctor... I don't know if I should have any more tests done for that specific problem or not.

Just some notes: My esophagus apparently looks fine, even though it's been abused by acid for a few years. Still, a pH test showed that I have acid in my throat, a good amount too. My throat sometimes feels... It's hard to describe, it's such an odd feeling. I guess the best word would be raw. It usually feels that way for several hours, all day even, after a bad attack. When I take carafate (which is quite often) I usually feel a burning sensation for a moment about the time it reaches the base of my throat. I figure that this is because that part of my throat suffers heavily from the reflux. Also, burping up liquid, sometimes extremely hot, sometimes not hot at all, is pretty much an everyday occurence for me, especially after eating. Sometimes, but not often, my throat gets very sore, almost like the pain one might feel if they had a very large something stuck in it (just the pain, not the sensation).

Thanks for any input. I know that I don't always answer back in threads, I tend to get so wrapped up in feeling terrible that I forget, and for that I am very sorry. However, I do appreciate each and every answer I get.

Also, I don't have trigger foods, I just get acid reflux whenever. Sometimes foods that cause it one day won't bother me the next, while something previouly innocuous will give me a reflux attack so bad that I think I'm going to die. Is anyone else like this? Is there any explanation for that?

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