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so its been awhile but i didnt get to wean off during the time i said cause shortly after we were hit hard with hurricane sandy

i am now finally in the process of weaning off from august till jan i was taking 40mg prilosec i am now down to 10mg

ive been reducing it weekly

the issue here is my dr is doing this cause nothing else has helped me i didnt go on ppi to begin with for reflux i went on because of my gastritis and that was in 2007 and was never taken off

since then every year my stomach symptoms have gotten worse all sorts of digestive issues and constant burning

so this is very hard for me to do cause in the end i dont know if this will even help me and solve this long standing problem plus im already in pain before i started this process so im in that much more pain now

so as i said i started 10mg this week and now my throat is hurting worse i can deal with alto of the burning but i have this pain in the left side of my throat thats like a bad ache and thats really bothering me the most at the moment

supplements im taking to help this process is dgl,fennel and digestive enzymes

ive also been juicing vegetables everyday since i started about 16oz a day spinach,cucumber,carrots,fresh fennel,romaine lettuce,pears..i would do apples but it interacts with one of my medicines

basically besides dealing with the pain im just scared 1. if this will solve my problems and 2. how long i will be in increased pain for

if anyone has any other suggestions that have gone through it whether it be something to take..foods to eat please let me know...ive been eating the same thing everyday just baked chicken with some rice it doesnt take much to set me off right now

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