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I eat sugar and quite a bit of fruit. I try to eat 1-3 pieces of fruit a day. Bananas, oranges, apples, sometimes grapes or seasonal goodies like peaches. I try to keep the sugar intake down, and mostly I eat it in drinks like coffee or tea. I almost never drink soda. I try to use honey instead of sugar a lot of times because it supposedly tastes sweeter per calorie than sugar.

The whole reason I realized that not eating wheat improved my GERD symptoms is because I went on a harsh diet with no sugar, no bread, and mostly brown rice and veggies for a few months. I lost 30lbs in 2011 from March to August (gained back 15 of it though, partly from my other health issues)

I can't say what will or won't work, but if one thing doesn't work, try something else. It took me some time to sort of add together things I could eat with no problems.

I believe that carbs can be a trigger for GERD because your stomach produces more acid to digest starches or the fiber that often comes with starches. One reason I like potatoes is that you can microwave them in a few minutes. Just poke holes in them so they don't explode.

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