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Two months ago I was doubling up with GERD and IBS symptoms. Breathlessness, racing heart beat, sweating profusely, stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, unable to sleep, ......all were there. Went to the doctor and I was given Nexpro which is the equivalent of Nexium and other drugs like Mebeverine Hydrochloride, Domperidon and antiacids. My prescription was to use for 3.5 months 80mg Nexpro (Nexium). At 5-6 weeks my symptoms went down significantly and I was quite alright. Just a bit of bloating but nothing serious. At the same time I found out (I was NOT told by the doctor) about the addictive nature of Nexium. 7th week since my symptoms have settled I started to tail off the medication. Now, I believe I am experiencing acid rebound. I'm on my 8th week. All of a sudden the chest pains, sore throat, cramps, breathlessness re-appeared. Less severe still when compared with how I went to the doctor initially. But they appeared, just like that. This took only 2 days to come back if not even a bit earlier after I started the tailing off process. I didn't STOP the Nexium cold. Not yet...just starting to go from 80mg to 60mg (stayed there for 2 days to see any effect, nothing happened) then down from 60 mg to 40 mg and there, it all started. Maybe I tailed this off too soon thinking it was safe because I didn't have a reaction. They do say that some people don't have the rebound so I thought I might be one of those.

But in my 8th week which is now, when acid rebound is occuring, I haven't gone back to increasing the Nexium dose. I am still hanging on at 40 mg a day and using antiacids to combat the acid and also a good diet. It is hard though and worrying too but I don't think there is another option. My doctor is unavailable. I doubt there is a point in visiting him since he didn't even mention the possibility of an acid rebound. Had he said, I'd have chosen my drugs differently. I nearly got sent to a CT MISTAKE. Would you believe it? Fortunately for me I questioned this a second time and discovered that it was a confusion with another patient!!!! So, how can I trust to get help by going back there......

If you have any information to share about acid rebound, how long it lasted, what helped you etc, I'd greatly appreciate it. My greatest concern is that I might end up where I started off, i.e. stomach getting damaged again with all this acid that is coming out. I hope this will only be for a few days because I've not been on the drug for 'too long' as it is. I've read though that even 4-6 weeks is enough to cause a rebound of acid in some individuals. :confused:

Thank you both for sharing and giving me hope. Here's what my stomach has been up to since I wrote last. Yesterday, it seemed happier than the previous day when it gave me that awful pain and cramp and a whole lot of other symptoms. Nothing like that yesterday but you know how you can tell when the stomach becomes 'unhappy' or a change happens internally all of a sudden? Like "something just shifted" sort of feeling that comes all of a sudden? Well, that happened around 4pm. Afterwards a mild chest heaviness, breathing heaviness, dull headache started. Usually when this happens I read it as a trouble sign and give the stomach something to do like digesting a banana. It then reversed some of the symptoms that were on the increase. But momentarily. After another 20 mins say I was back in the same state. Gave it something more, porridge. That seemed to work better this time. I stayed without much issue until like 7:30 pm when the symptoms started to increase. Then using Tums and after another 20 mins drinking the ongoing lowered doses of Nexium, Domperidon etc (I don't take Mebeverine now...managed to stop that sometime ago) got rid of the symptom. That was yesterday. So, I survived yesterday without a major attack. No diarrhea either and no nausea. Now, this morning, I woke up and drank some water and ahaaaa....stomach wasn't happy at all. I thought I might throw everything out at the way it turned. Thought it was going to cramp. Pained. Then 1 min maybe it settled. Maybe the water I put shifted some gas that was there? When gas shifts that hurts too doesn't it...? But I thought it needed something to work on so put a banana and that was happily accepted. Hasn't bothered me since but it is still morning for me here :-)

Strange thing is, my stomach is very happy when I put in food. If I say eat a good sized plate of rice, it'll just calm down and stay like that for a good 3-4 hours. It is when it starts to 'empty out' that all the symptoms seem to return. Any ideas why this might be? I've known some people to complain (when having gastritis) about stomach pain and eating difficulties when putting in food. Sometimes this happens to me but after eating, it is like I've no illness. Bananas and honey has a way of calming the stomach for me. So I take them between meals.

I too will as you've said tail this off slower than what I started with. Looks like that has worked for so many in this condition and fingers crossed I too will sail that way.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks guys.

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