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I read your post on healthboards about your migranes related to Nexium. I have been on Nexium since March 2011 for severe acid reflux. I actually lost my voice due to vocal chord damage for about 6 weeks (my wedding was Apr 2011) I was able to talk thanks to Nexium..sheww I have just recently turned 40 and feel like I am falling apart but all in all am a very healthy person. During my 20's and I suffered migraines very bad and was treated, during my early 30 they became managable and I stopped taking meds. Over the past almost year and half year I have been to ENT, Neurologist and gynocologist all trying to figure out what the hell is going I have more sypmtoms than i can even remember to write down. I originally went to the ENT because I thought I had an inner ear infection, vertigo, ringing in ears. Facial pain left side and eye socket area. After months of tests nothing. The ENT sent me to neurologist thinking i was having A-TYPICAL migraines. I thought he was crazy. Neurologist agreed with ENT. None of it made sense to me but ok. The chronic daily headaches started to get worse then I go into cluster migraines for weeks. Ended up having to get double nerve blocks periodically..They stopped working. I have racked my brain trying to piece all of this together as to why this was all of this all of a sudden happening then I thought that maybe possibly it was hormonal. So was sent to Gynocologist for workup and all that came back ok except I am now vitamin D deficient..Flags started going up..NEXIUM. It just so happened over the past week i happened to be listening to a commercial on TV about Nexium and it mentioned headaches. So i started doing some research and came across this website of users and OMG I about fell off the couch reading all the things these people have dealt with..EXACTLY the same. I have spent so much on tests, copays, meds etc trying to figure why Im feeling so bad and to think It all could be this darn purple pill. I stopped taking it on Sunday 1/6, I have an appt with a Gastro surgeon on the 17th to look into why the acid constantly is coming up into my esophagus (muscle). I am taking generic priolosec in the mean time so i have something other than Nexium to take as i cant be without anything "Its that bad". I wish i would have researched this pill before taking it..uggg I literally have felt like i have been falling apart at 40..Such a cliche!!

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