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:angel:I am having a horrible time, first off I'm Obese, 100 lbs over weight, then to boot I have mild copd, (ex smoker), diabites, a hiatal hernia right under my diaphram, and they say acid reflux/gerd... I find it difficult to catch my breath at times, I cant find a place for myself when im laying down, and always feel pressure in my chest and bloated. My stomach is huge, one of those Jewish Hanging Stomachs, I feel like I need to hire someone to run along side of me and hold my stomach up so I can walk, as soon as I stand up I get short of breath and aches and pains in my legs... I take 2 steps and I'm done. Also no matter what I do, I can't lose an ounce, I am on counting calories, 5-6 very small meals a day, I can't walk or do excersizes yet cause of the breathing thing, though my doctors seem to think that as I lose weight my breathing will become much easier, and the symptoms of the gerd and hernia will disapate.

Dr. Carsen liu is the surgeon who invented the Endoscopic procedure to correct and repair the hiatal hernia and the acid reflux/gerd, and he also does weightloss surgery, after trying to get him to be my doctor for 9 yrs, finally he is.

Does anyone else have the problems Im having, oh ya and I have Sleep Apnea, and RA in my hands...

Who ever said being a senior was the golden years is lying, its more like the puter years, its all down hill. And I'm just 60 yrs old.

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