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Nov 7, 2012
Pre Incident: (to give you a brief background) : Hello all! I'm 22 years old, in shape, at a healthy weight, very new to this and am seeking any advice on what might be going on, as i believe i have just recently been introduced to GERD.
1. For the past couple of years, typical college kid lifestyle ie...junk food, beer on the weekends, low sleep due to work and course schedule.
2. I dipped snuff for 4 years leading up to this incident, i have since quit dipping snuff cold turkey and am proud to say its been 2 weeks : ) (withdrawls suck!)
3. no family cancer, only hereditary high blood pressure, and acid reflux problems.

Incident: After a long night of studying at my apartment, i had work the following morning at 8 am. I started my day with a monster energy drink and went downhill from their. A few mountain dews and dr peppers later i suffered a caffeine intoxication by the end of my shift, resulting in my first ever anxiety attack, (heart racing, palpatations, the whole nine yards). Very next day, I found myself at the community health care center, was running extremely high blood pressure (150/110), and was sent to the ER. At the ER, i was administered an EKG, which came back normal. and was sent home, diagnosed with anxiety due to heart burn.

Post Incident: After the ER visit the acid reflux began, bad heart burn, shortness of breath and what im guessing to be is the aftermath of caffeine overdose, which let me remind you, ive never really dealt with heart burn until this incident, only minor acid reflux when consuming beer or caffeine. Two doc visits later ive been blood tested for h pylori, liver function, diabetes, and anemia, all coming back normal. I was perscribed omeprazole, and have been taking two a day for two and a half weeks now. The heart burn and shortness of breath has subsided with medication and antacids, but the reflux is still here, sour taste in the back of my throat every morning, dull pains in the abdomin throughout the day, burping for no apparent reason, difficulty swallowing solids, lump in my throat sometimes. When i wake in the morning im passing gas within seconds, and mild hoarsness. I have no vomiting, no bloody stools, no regurgitations or anything.

HELP!: Im scheduled to see a gi doc in january, due to the fact that I'm in my waiting period for insurance benefits. Im usually not the worry wart, EXCEPT when it comes to my health, i completely freak out at the slightest hint of pain. Can someone please tell me if this is the start of my GERD? Ulcers? Esophagitis? Afterglow of caffeine overdose? How do i stop the burping and gas??? Ive done very extensive research over the past couple of weeks, and am making some big lifestyles changes already. My workout is more cardio based and im about to incorporate a yoga routine, ive been trying to stick with soft foods while dealing with this flare up. Quit dipping snuff, cut out caffeine and alcohol completely. My blood pressure has returned to normal as well, im happy to report : ) However, I am also dealing with the withdrawls of nicotine ie...muscle stiffness, hot flashes, and cravings (they are for real people!)

Any answers, advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. If you have taken time out of your day to read this, thank you so much. Im not as much worried anymore as i am frustrated, ive been told GERD is very common and has many ugly faces.

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