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Ok, got it done...

It was bad, but I was determined to get it done no matter what. I wasn't leaving without having it done completely - No way I was going back. Hardest part was obviously having it pushed down my throat, but I just closed my eyes and pushed through the difficult part. Swallowing and having it pushed down was also uncomfortable, but not as bad. After that, having myself not swallow while they were pulling it up was very difficult. You really cannot stop a reflex like that, but I minimized it just so I could get through everything. Most of the time, I had my eyes closed as I just wanted to zone myself out while they did whatever they had to do. Afterwards, my throat was a little sore, but nothing really too bad.

I guess the only bad thing is that I would have liked to have had a 24-hr PH started, since I was in that "mode." When I told the Nurse about the 24-hr test and how you need it for the surgery, she said that she didn't even think I was a candidtate - I told her about my pain/burning, and about how intense it was/is and how medications didn't work, so I guess that is that. I suppose it shouldn't be that bad, though, as I kind of know what to expect if I go again. Also, as a side note, I shouldn't really have an excuse to be scared of the dentist now that I had an actual tube shoved all the way into my throat/esophagus.

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