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Hello all. I joined today for the first time.

My only real symptom is throat soarness with some phlegm issues from time to time. This started last year when I was going through a very stressful time. I believe stress is the root cause of this condition.

By way of background, I first visited a gastro doctor, as I was coughing up phlegm after dinner, depending on what I ate. Gastro did an upper endoscopy. He thought I had barrettís esophagus, but the test came back negative and advised I had reflux. Gastro put me on PPI, Dexilant. I tried this once per day and it didnít seem to work. Symptoms of throat soarness would still come and go.

I went back to the gastro doctor and said I needed to see an ENT doctor, as there was nothing more that he could do. I went to see the ENT and went through that uncomfortable procedure down by throat with lidocaine, which made me nauseas. ENT confirms that I had a very inflamed throat (gee, no kidding?) and diagnosed me with LPR. He elevated Dexilant twice a day.

Itís been about 45 days since then and I donít have much relief either, even with taking meds twice per day. It almost seems that anything that I eat could bring an onset of soarness. Iím not sure what to eat anymore. What do I do? Just eat crackers and drink water?

Itís frustrating and scary at the same time. Iíve read all the forums and am trying to stay away from citrus, tomato sauce, chocolate, etc. I am trying a glutten free diet as well. But seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

3 Questions:

1. Should I keep taking this PPI for another few months and ride out the pain? Some message boards seem to think this medication needs to be taken for 4 to 6 months and at the same time, stay away from all the no-no foods.

2. Is there a LPR specialist I should be seeing, as opposed to an ENT? Is there such a thing as a LPR specialist?

3. Does the stress issue that I have completely undermine any treatment measures that I try?

Very confused and am tired of this tightness in my throat. I have to wonder whether this will ever go away...

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