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I have a case of GERD that doen't fit the typical profile. I do not have heartburn but when I eat it feels as though food is getting stuck in my throat and eventually it gets to where I can no longer eat and the food just comes back up. The weird thing is it is only certain foods and liquids and not everything. The only thing I found I can drink is clear liquids such as sprite,ginger ale, mountain dew. I can hardly drink water unless it is to replenish myself after excercising. Chicken is the main food I can keep down but not always. I can eat all the spicy food I want and it doesnt have an effect on me. I think I have a mild lactose intolorence to milk and ice cream but I can eat cheese or yogurt without any problem. I was first diagnosed with GERD in 09 and put on Reglan which helped but I had heard so many bad things about this drug that I weened myself off of it and started taking Prilosec OTC which worked for a while. In 2012 my symptoms came back worse than ever and I had an eosophageal motility test and upper EDG done. Both of these came back normal, and the Dr. said there was nothing wrong wth my GI system and that I did not have GERD. and they took biopsies and tested for Eosinophilic esophogitis which were also normal. The Dr. basically told me that my migraines which I have maybe one every few months were what was causing this. He put me on Prevacid which seemed to help for a couple months but now my symptoms are starting to return again. I tested myself for H Pylori and that was also negative. I am beginning to wonder if maybe I have a digestive enzyme defiency because I have run out of any other ideas. Is anyone else going through this or have any suggestions of to what my next step should be?

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