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I was on beta-blockers for 3 weeks to control my Blood Pressure which was 160/90 at the time. Its 3 weeks later and my Blood pressure seems under control at 130/80.

One of the side effects of taking beta-blockers is to develop a sore throat which unfortunately I got during that time period which led to inflamattion of my throat.

I saw an ENT and he said I have mild acid reflux so he put me on Omeprazole for 4 weeks. First 2 weeks I take twice a day 20mg and next 2 weeks just once a day.

My questions are:

1. What are the COMMON side effects?

2. I generally wake up quite late due to having a flexible job which requires me to sometimes work into the night. So If I say wake up at 11am - take the 1 tablet - eat breakfast . My question is the 2nd tablet of the day the ENT said to take before dinner but "dinner" is essentially at 7pm which is 8hours later. What time should I be taking the 2nd tablet? Is the 8 hour gap okay or should it be 12 hour gap?

3. After taking the tablet at what time can I eat? I have read that you can eat immediately after, some say 30 minutes some say wait an hour. Which is the correct answer here?


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