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My reflux/LPR still persist while I am on PPIs (Nexium before) and now Pariet 2 x 20 mg. The reflux/LPR is controlled about 75%. The GI recently gave me 2 x 10 mg Motilium to control the other 25%. She said that the idea is to get on top of the reflux then wean off Motilium and cut half of the Pariet dosage. See how I go.
This is my second d episode of reflux (again, flared up due to stress). In the first episode, more than 10 years ago, I did not respond to PPI (Losec) so the GI gave me Motilium. I took it for a few months or so and suddenly I realised that all the reflux symptoms had gone so I stop taking Motilium. The first reflux episode lasted daily for about 2 years. Well, I did not learn the first lesson, I let myself get stressed again and here we are... I am learning now and I could see the connection well between stress/anxiety and reflux.
You would be very lucky if you respond to PPI 100%. I did with Nexium until it lost its effectiveness on me. Hope this help

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