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New to GERD and to this site... I would like any info out there on GERD...I started having what felt like "lumps" in my throat about 2 months ago as well as severe pressure in my upper throat and throat dryness ..I finally gave in and went to the doc..he suspected I had GERD, this was news to me as I had not had any didn't make sense to me. He started me on Prilosec, and after 2 weeks my symptoms throat was swollen and tight that I would gag and wretch and even the thought of brushing my teeth or sometimes just from swallowing. I felt awful ..could not function as a normal human being and went to the ER. In ER they did lab work..all which was normal and a CT of my neck..also normal. The ER doc deduced that i had severe GERD and gave me protonix IV and started me on carafate tablets...none of this helped either. I was then referred to an ENT.. He put a scope down my nose into my throat.. All that he found was that my throat was inflammed..he said the lumps that I was feeling was simply my own swollen throat tissue. He started me on liquid carafate instead of the tabs... A few weeks later, still no relief and more I was having chest pressure, back pain, belching but lesser of the swollen throat feeling. I called my doc and he stopped the Prilosec and started me on Dexilant 60mg daily as of today..I am really hoping this helps, I am not sure what else I can do... Any suggestions or insight???? I have already cut caffeine, carbonated beverages, spicy and fatty foods out of my diet..and have elevated the head of my bed (though I have never woke up with issues in the middle of the night). Help???

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