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hi, I too am dealing with some right upper quandrant pain and have gone thru lots of tests. One you could try is to eliminate fat as much as you can from your diet for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. Not sure if you know but the gall bladder secretes bile to break up the fat that we eat so if there's a problem there, stones, slowness, sludge or whatever it will help diagnosis. when yous said you had a ultrasound what was it of?

I had a upper GI and colonoscopy, gallbladder ultrasound, they tested for bacteria in the gut and celiac disease and I had stool sample tests everything normal. Last week I ended up in the ER all day and had a CT scan w/ contrasts all normal. Last wed I had a MRCP (MRI of Gall bladder) and thur a HIDA scan of gall bladder (checking for bile flow) but no results back yet.

Today I ate a tiny tiny piece of chocolate fudge pie and had an attack, GB pain, diarrhea, nausea. there was right much fat in it, stupid me, huh? but it was good! :)

There are so many things in our gut that can cause our pain, that is the problem. gastritis, diverticulitis, the GB just so many. Try the low fat diet for a couple of weeks see if that helps. did they do an upper GI on you yet? where they put the camera down into your tummy?


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