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I know someone who is 13 years of age and as a baby had relux so bad he couldn't sleep flat. He slept in a bouncy seat until he was one. He always seem to have post nasel drip and a cough a lot when he was sleeping. It seemed like he had allergies, He ended up having 100% lactose intolerance. I took him off milk and he was a lot better. He did cough some and he still continued to seem like he had an allergy nose. He constantly had ear infections and sore throats. He had chronic bad breath and was always sick. As soon as he got a cold he'd get these really bad coughs. We even tried the chiropractor. Eventually when he was 11 he got we think whooping cough. He coughed non stop for three months we tried everything singular, albuterol, flovent, cough drops everything and nothing worked to take the cough away. When I took him to the doctor they immediately said he must have asthma and had him on all these medicines. At one point he was at swimming it was really scary. He came out of the pool and he said he couldn't breath. I was so scared we almost took him in the hospital. They increased his asthma medicine. His lungs were never strong on the medicine. He kept in the 400's for his peak flow. We had more allergy tests. They all came back nothing. I said what is causing his chronic cough. He said well in 40% of the cases there isn't any explanation. So I just believed him. I did question him though and said how do I know his cough isn't from acid reflux. He said how often does he get acid indigestion and I said well occassionally when he swims that we know about. He said well that wouldn't be it then. Later I learned from the dentist that my son's baby teeth had all kinds of holes in them. The dentist questioned him as to why. She said, Wow you must drink a lot of soda. I thought that is strange since he doesn't drink soda and never has.
I hope his teeth are ok because they are very yellow. My client knew someone with the same symptoms which included bad teeth and a cough as their only symptom. They got tested and was found to have severe acid refux. They started taking the medicine and all the symptoms went away completely. In the other child's case. The symptoms aren't all gone so I am going to be bringing him into the doctors to see why. He is still having sore throats, sinus infections and occassionaly he'll cough at night. He has some swim practices where he doesn't cough. Other times he cough maybe 10 minutes. It depends on how intense the practice and what he eats. Since he started taking a strong antibiotic his sore throat went away and so did his eye infection. When I read about it on line it seems some people's flap doesn't work and still get symptoms even with medicine. He has an appointment where we can investigate this further with the gI doctor. I am happy to say he is totally off the asthma medicine. It appears he doesn't have asthma, but this instead. I cannot believe we treated him for 1 1/2 and he was being treated for the wrong thing. It really wasn't helping him either much and could of been hurting him lungs. I do believe it can affect breathing for sure for some people. It sure did for him. Dairy foods caused him extreme acid reflux. I do remember him getting short of breath and that is why he took inhalers, but now he is off inhalers and only on acid reflux medicine. He has never felt out of breath any more than normal when you exert your self. How their body is effected varies from person to person.

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