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Acid reflux mucus
Jan 3, 2013
I have had acid reflux since 2010. I do not take prescription drugs because i know they have many longterm side effects and take your nutrients out.

The Dr. Bruce West protocol has helped me alot. Look him up.

I was just wondering how to get rid of this mucus?? Should I use a saline nasal spray or maybe even sudafed. For some reason, I believe that if I can get rid of the mucus I can get rid of the acid reflux.

I have learned to manage this problem. I do not have ulcers. I believe I have low acids.

:angel: What Should I do?
Hi mississippiquen,

I do believe based on research I have been doing lately that your digestive tract can affect your sinuses, etc and vice versa. I have been haing this feeling of a lump in my throat (possibly globus hystericus). I have been put on prilosec. I also have a ton of thick clear mucus coming from my sinuses down the back of my throat (post nasal drip). My ENT told me my throat is red possibly from the PND and the acid reflux.

I am not sure if MD's wil be able to help me or if I should go to an alternative doctor. Anyone have any suggestions?

Mississippiquen, you can try sudafed or a nasal rinse and see if that helps. if you find something that works, please share!
I use Flixonase steroid nasal spray every day. It's helped me a lot. I also use strips over my nose at night, which helps as well.
Thanks JanaJ. I will ask my doctor if I can try the nasal spray you suggest. thanks again.

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