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Hi im just wondering if anyone has any similar symptoms for this, I've had a blood test and stool test which came back fine accept for the h.pylori but my doc said the lansoprazole acid tabs could of effected the results so was told to stay away from them for 2 week and retake the stool sample, well since then I've had this intense burning back at the top of my chest across the top of my sternum but the burning seems to spread across to the left a little and the right, but when i don't seem to have a major pain when pressed the ribs surrounding but it can feel quite sore the burning, which leads me to believe this is something to do with the reflux BUT this is not how people seem to describe there heartburn symptoms which makes me worry seems though im in a constant state of anxiety at the min, so you can imagine what that's doing to me lol! And the burning seems to be more skin level than under my breast bone like everyone says, i do get the horrid taste in my mouth and the sore feeling can also be in my back or shoulder but stretching "usually" relieves that part but can some one please give me an incite into what this is, I've had 3 doctors since then and none seem to worried when i say im getting this burning but i am! I do also get very tense without realising ache all over evan my jaw and neck and shoulder aches the only time it goes is if im busy when my minds off it but as soon as i get 5 min bam its all back again like my body just shutting down hope some one can reply asap before i have another night awake with this. sorry for the long post thanks!

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