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I feel like this is going to be my whole life and I won't ever be able to achieve anything because of this mucus, I feel like there isn't even 1% hope that I can get better from this, it just really, really, really makes me feel bad about myself and I don't know what to do anymore.

My symptoms include:

- Mucus constantly in my throat.

- Burping after meals / drinking, kind of like 'bubbly' burps that linger around the bottom area of my throat / chest.

- Burning in throat after exercising, it feels like the mucus in my throat is burning or something, it's hard to explain.

- Bloating after medium sized meals / drinking large amounts of water.

- I feel like whenever I swallow (Or try to) mucus I can feel / hear it, like I'll try to swallow some clear mucus and I can feel it slowly go down to like my middle chest and then make a noise in my stomach.

- Post Nasal Drip (Or so I've been told, I think it may be caused by LPR)

- Noises from my stomach all the time, kind of like grumbling (I think it may be from swallowing mucus?)

- White coating on my tongue when I wake up

- Problems with vocal cords - feel like they're covered in mucus, can't go in high registers, they get tired easily and also feels like sometimes after I've eaten or burped a lot It feels like I'm 'forcing' my words and it's hard to talk because it hurts kind of.

I'm a singer and I really can't afford to have this, I used to take vocal lessons and everything but I had to stop because I figured out that I had LPR and would probably totally ruin my voice if I tried to keep pushing it.

I need any suggestions possible at how to treat this, I went to the doctor, went to a Gastro doctor with a referral who knew nothing and insisted I take a bunch of tablets that he took out of his drawer, the whole meeting went for about 10 minutes at the most and I ended up paying about $300 to see him, it was a disaster.

I've heard about vitamin D and calcium? Is there anything else that I could try? I need to rely on my voice for my career and it would absolutely break me if I am never able to sing anymore. I don't want to go down the road of PPI's or any kind of medication like that as I am very wary about taking medication as my parents used to give me antibiotics a lot as a child whenever I would have a cold or flu or anything, it's turned me off taking medication completely, only when it's 100% needed.

Where is a good place to start? I have no clue where to start treating this anymore. The doctors visit to the GI doctor totally brought my confidence down and I ended up not going back because I don't think he knows what he's talking about, I even went in with a prepared list of my symptoms, times when they occur, notes about it all and he basically kind of dismissed everything I said.

I'm sorry for rambling, it's just I don't know what to do anymore, my vocal cords are constantly covered with mucus, my throat is covered in clear mucus and it's really bringing me down to the point where I can't cope for much longer. Music is my everything, and the fact that this can stop me from doing it breaks my heart.

So if anyone could spare a little time to help me, you would not even understand how grateful I would be. Where do I start? what do I start with? I'm looking at going to get blood tests done to determine my Vitamin D levels, but I have no clue really.

Thanks so, so much. I have so much respect for anyone suffering with this because I know how hard it can be, knowing that pretty much the whole medical community is oblivious to the whole subject because no one really understands.


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