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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help, I'm experiencing symptoms, which are as follows:

-Left side chest pain (tightness/pressure)
-Regurgitation of food/liquid
-Stomach ache after eating, especially fatty food
-Diarrhoea (orangey colour/greasy, sometimes all day) then constipation
-Lump in throat

This started around 18 months ago in the early of hours of the morning i woke with heartburn, nausea and diarrhoea.

I have had a ultrasound which showed no gall stones, endoscopy was fine, I am currently taking esomeprazole daily, which stops the acid.
I am due to see a gastroenterologist in March but my symptoms seem to be getting worse by the day.
My doctor advised me to lose weight so i've joined slimming word, I'm on a low fat diet which seemed to help at first but the stomach pain is becoming more and more frequent.

I can't wait until March for answers!
I have those same symptoms diagnosed with hiatal hernia and Gerds you learn to live with them after awhile. The left side chest pain I get a lot you should get your heart cleared just to be safe of course.

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