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Hi, new to boards and was wondering what your thoughts are. I started 3 months ago with just not feeling well after eating. I've had nausea, a sick feeling in my esophagus, and constant pressure and choking feeling in lower neck/throat after eating sometimes feeling like my head will pop off. I'm already thin and have lost 13 pounds and counting. I have had 2 endoscopes. First one showing nothing but after changing doctors the 2nd one was confusing. I had the Bravo ph test done and it came back within normal limits. The pathology report showed esophagitis secondary to acid reflux. I have been on nexium ( it made me feel way to anxious/bloated. Next I tried Dexilant. I spent 2 straight weeks with severe diarrhea. Stopped that one. Now I'm trying protonix. It doesn't seem to be helping and I started today again with severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. Looks like I won't be taking this one much longer either. Now I'm also getting abdominal burning. The worst part is the pressure in my neck after eating. This has really affected my life and job tremendously. Raising a 3 year old as well and suffering everyday. I'm watching very carefully what I eat and have cut out all coffee, coke, fried foods and dairy. Does anyone have any suggestions? I work 24 hour shifts and I'm having such a hard time. Any help would really be appreciated...

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