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I have been reading these boards for a few months now, decided to make a post and say hi.

I'm only 25 and I haven't been dealing with these issues nearly as long as others on here but they've been swift and debilitating.

Starting in November of last year I started to notice I was getting a burning in my throat, my chest and my tongue. I thought to myself no big deal iy'd just heartburn i've had it before and i'll have it again. Next thing you know the pain and burning was so bad that I ended up in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. They told me I was fine and gave me prilosec, told me it was just reflux and to see a gastroenterologist. Later the burning became numbness in my chest throat and tongue and I developed an issue where I feel like my chest is beng squeezed shut, trouble swallowing, and an extremely tight neck.

So I got every test known to man. I got an upper endoscopy which revealed inflammation but the doc said it's minor. His official diagnosis was "minor gastritis and patulous esophagus." So I've been given PPI's 2X/day and they've helped somewhat with the acid but the breathing problem has gotten worse. I've gone from doctor to doctor. I did a pulmonary function test, came out fine. Blood work, chest X-Ray, blood pressure, heart tests, EKG's, echocardiogram, all came out good.

So here I am. I take PPI's 2x day. I have an extremely clean diet. But yet no relief. The worst problem of all is the breathing one. My inside from my stomach all the way up to the back of my throat feels totally numb. And when I feel anything at all, it's a burning feeling. Doc's basically say they've never heard of what i'm complaining about (numb tongue, numb mouth, acidic taste in mouth, numb tight chest and difficulty breathing) and basically say to go home and relax. I've tried anxiety meds and they haven't helped me. Hopefully someone here can relate as right now I sit in my house all day unable to function as I once used to.
So as an update I saw 2 more doctors this week. A different gastroenterologist and an ENT. The gastro guy was baffled (as expected) and ordered me up a catscan where I swallow some liquid and get an IV and then have the catscan done.

The ENT (equally confused as expected) wanted to do another throat scope which I told him had already been done so he didn't do it again. And then he ordered that I do the swallow test later this week.
He says that my throat looks and feels completely normal. And that he thinks I may have silent reflux...

Fine and good. My issue is. I've had a couple of weeks of extreme diet changes. Frequent short meals, no meat at all, i've tried some light exercise, no more lying down on my back after meals, meditation, and more than a month of meds. 2 weeks on prevacid, 3 weeks on omeprazole, 2 weeks (concurrently) Dexilant in the day time and Rinitidine at night. I keep hearing "give it time, give it time" but giving it that much time and having zero relief, and in fact having the symptoms actually increase while on the medicine was more than enough for me to get tired of "giivng it time" and to just quit.

Over the past couple days i've been cold turkey on the meds and trying ACV because at this point i'm desperate. Everytime I get my vitals checked, they are absolutely normal. Oxygen 98-100%, blood pressure perfect (never had high blood pressure issues, still don't), blood work spot on, endoscopy showed only minor issues (patulous esophagus and mild gastritis) Yet i still consistently feel: a dull burn right under my rib cage, acidic taste in my mouth and excessive saliva, completely numb throat, tongue, cheeks and mouth, occasionally numbness of my feet, and arms accompanied by dizzyness and rapid heart beat (which i'm always told is "panic attack") And worst of them all consisten trouble taking a breath (moreso taking a breath in rather than out, which makes me think it's not asthma). I'm at my wits end here and the doctors seem to be too. I don't know what to do anymore.

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