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I've been having quite a few problems with a chronic cough for the last 5 months. Unfortunately, I have multiple triggers for when my chronic cough: acid reflux/LPR, asthma, allergies, etc... My allergies are fully under control at this point. :) I had a bad asthma flare for a while due to environmental triggers. I'm currently on multiple asthma medications. At this point, my lungs have sounded fine for several weeks. I still have a lot of coughing so my doctors are focusing on the acid reflux as the current trigger.

I have "silent" reflux with symptoms of chronic cough, sometimes shortness of breath, sometimes hoarsness and throat irritation. I've had a Nissen Fundoplication that was very successful in getting my breathing back under control. I've been on Dexilant for 5 years. My GI doc wants me on it twice a day to see if it would help, but it isn't covered by insurance. I've been supplementing with Zantac in the evenings. Now, my doctor has me trying evening Carafate instead to see if we can coat and calm my stomach and esophagus. [COLOR="DarkGreen"]I'm wondering if anyone has had success with Carafate for non-ulcer treatments.[/COLOR]

I did have a 24 hr. pH test (4th) and upper endoscopy 3rd) in December. Both came back "normal". I've had repeated tests in the past that came back severe so my doctors still think the reflux is a significant factor to consider. I've also recently had a chest x-ray and laryngoscopy.

I see a PCP, GI Doc, ENT and Pulmonologist. At this point, my doctors have gone through the process of ruling everything out and I feel they really are running out of things to assess or try for treatment. That is why they are trying the Carafate as an addition to my regimine.

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