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You are brave going on a gluten free, dairy free AND sugar free diet all at the same time and I commend you!!! I couldnt do that, I know - bad enough that I try to stay away from chocolate as much as possible, I would have a very hard time giving up all sugar and even on being dairy free for right now, I am having cheese withdrawal!!! LOL!! I see you are from Ireland, hopefully they have a good variety of gluten free products in your local stores. I live in a very rural area and sometimes it's hard to find things such as breads, cereal, crackers, chips, etc that are all gluten free along with the alternate flours such as rice, millet, potato, tapioca. I have always been a good chef and baker but it's like starting over as a newbie trying to make things gluten free becuz the flours without gluten react differently than do the regular ones such as wheat and you have to add other things like xanthan gum. There is so much hidden gluten that you have to beware of in things when at the grocery store too - watch out for things with modified food starch or food starch, malt, powdered cellulose, and even some seasonings, salad dressings and I was not aware that even things like vanilla extract normally has gluten in it becuz of it having alcohol and most alcohol has gluten!! My biggest problem is going out to eat. Being gluten free means no breaded items, no fried chicken or fish and chips, no gravy on anything or sauce, most salad dressings have it so unless you are having salad with oil and vinegar, you have to watch that as well and I am always asking the waiter or waitress if they can check ingredients on certain things if I am not sure!! I usually end up having meat and potatoes or baked fish such as salmon. Do you like to cook or bake?? If so and you ever come across any good recipes that are gluten free that you've tried, let me know!!
As for my understanding doctor - thats a funny one becuz when I went to make an apt, everyone at my usual clinic was booked so I ended up taking an apt at another clinic with a doctor I had never seen before. My regular primary doctor is NOT understanding and doesnt want to deal with any GI issues at all, just keeps shoving me off to a GI specialist. This doctor I had never seen before was quite willing to give me ideas and possible modes of treatment without sending me off again!!
You said that you have a cough that comes and goes - me too, which I was told was from the acid going into the lungs. Does it ever ache or hurt for you to take a deep breathe?? I get that all the time although I move air well and so there is no actual problem breathing, it just hurts and feels tight to take a deep breath and I cough sporadically. I have decided to order some slippery elm tea - I want to get the benefit of swallowing it so that it can help protect the esophagus and at least with tea, I can swallow and be done with rather than these lozenges taking forever to melt down your throat with their horrible taste!! LOL!!

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