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Thanks Ariangirl and Kacyc for giving me some tips and things to try. I got my slippery elm tea the other day but also read that you should let it cool until it sort of gels and drink it that way??? All I can think of is Ewwwww!!! Have you heard that?? The licorice I am not sure I can have although I have heard it very good for GI and digestion but I am also on other meds that it supposedly is contraindicated with. Will have to check in to it more. The gum chewing actually seems to help me but I have to be careful not to chew mint flavored gum. When I had the daily nausea so bad, I chewed a lot of Wrigley's Doublemint gum and it helped the nausea but I think made the gerd worse. Luckily, when I went on the gluten free diet, the nausea went away completely!! Now I just chew juicy fruit!! LOL!! A little update - I have passed my week trial of no dairy that the doctor wanted me to try and there is some improvement. Not a huge amount but my throat isnt raw from the acid all the time and I feel a bit better, so I am going to keep on for another week. I did cheat a little today for the first time and had some cheese when we went out to eat but other than that, I havent had anything dairy at all.
As for your feeling worse, I think it might be one of two things - either it's candida die off like you suspect, which I understand can cause a multitude of symptoms and last for several weeks and make you pretty miserable, or you are allergic to something you are eating now. The only thing I would wonder about is the fever - I have not heard of that for either allergy or candida die off. Keep flushing with lots of fluids - water is still the best to stay hydrated with and flush through your system. I hope you start feeling better soon!! Keep me posted on how your diet is going and if you are getting relief and if you try anything else. I am going to check in to seeing about getting a few acupuncture sessions going soon since the doctor really recommended that. I have never dealt with Chinese medicine but the doc said to make sure that if I tried that option, to get someone board certified and not just a chiropractor as they dont always have much training. Unfortunately I have been slowed down a little in getting things done this last week becuz I tore my rotator cuff in my arm and am waiting to see the ortho surgeon to determine what treatment to be done for that. Maybe the acupuncture could help that too!! LOL!!!
Hi fyreangel! You are right about slippery elm, when it turns into a gel it coats the oesphagus and stomach on its way down. It actually is not too bad, try and think of it in terms of a tasteless jelly and just drink it in one go. I often find if you dont think about it and just gulp it its not as bad. You do need to use it a few days to find any help from it. So far, I have to say the licorice root seems to be great especialy for the heavy feeling and bloating in stomach. Glad to hear nausea is gone, will help you to stick with gluten free diet.
I have read that acupuncture is supposed to be great for GERD, I used it for different issue few yrs back and would really recomend it. So if you can afford it go for it. :)
Re : my symptoms, they had become so bad by saturday that I did think this was not die off but an infection. So went to my out of hrs doc who found that I actually had a bad chest and throat infection. So am on antibiotics, and I am afraid this may bring me straight back to square one! But feeling so sick with high temperature and coarse chesty cough bringing up green phlem. So must treat this 1st I think. :( hope you are still getting some relief.:)

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