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Thanks for the tips, ariangirl!! I am already gluten free so the only breads, pasta, cakes, cookies, etc that I have are usually made with rice flour or tapioca, etc. No wheat, barley, rye or anything with gluten. I have been wondering about sugary foods bothering me as well, but I really have a sweet tooth and have given up so much already that I honestly dont know if I could completely stay away from everything sweet!! I try to not eat chocolate though. I do try to eat small meals and not before bedtime and have already been tested for H pylori which came back negative. I will definitely try the slippery elm, as a matter of fact I have some Thayers slippery elm lozenges but have only taken 1 so far - they taste awful and maybe I expected it to work right away, which it didnt, but I will try taking them before meals. I had not heard of the glutamine and will try to find it or order online and give that a shot as well!! I saw a doctor again today who told me to go dairy free for a week and see if that made any difference and if not, then to try liquid prednisone ( steroid ) and possibly a muscle relaxant as he said that the main reason for discomfort with the acid backwash is esophageal spasms. I would rather not have all these drugs if I can find a way to get some relief without them or try something natural or a supplement first. He also said there were many favorable reports of acupuncture helping with GERD and acid reflux. Might have to give that a try as well. As for the exercise, I am pretty terrible about getting any lately due to the fact, just like you mentioned, I dont feel good and therefore am too tired and not motivated to do much of anything. How long have you had your reflux - your symptoms sound similar to mine only I get a lot of upper back pain with mine as well and I dont actually vomit. Do you go in and out of flair ups or is it with you all the time??

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