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I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux. It started in January with nausea but it never really effected my daily life. A week ago today I got home from work, ate dinner and got really sick. Shivering, nearly vomitting and ever since then I've been dealing with what seems like symptoms of reflux. I called the doctor Saturday and he reccomended I start Prilosec. Took it until I could get an appointment and they gave me Dexilant. The nausea has gone away but everytime I eat I get what feels like food stuck in my throat. Last night is made me nearly vomit again. This morning I didn't eat anything but after I bent down a little to brush my teeth I felt it come up and it's been stuck in my throat since then, so about 5 hours now. No swallowing, or drinking is helping. I have barely eaten all week and have dropped 10 whole pounds already. I was able to eat a little bit yesterday and thought things were going well until I had dinner. I am avoiding all no-no foods, sitting upright for hours after eating and taking my meds. I feel like I can't live with this. I am starving but feel like I can't eat because there is food clogging my throat. What can I do? I called a GI doc but they can't get me in until next Friday and the first appointment is talking with the doctor only, no testing. I don't know how much longer I can handle not eating. I also haven't had a BM in 4 days. I need some relief! :( Please help. I am only 24 and am active, not overweight. Took a pregnancy test on Monday but it was negative.

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