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Why is there a 24 billion dollar industry on over the counter drugs for treating too much stomach acid, but hardly anything for treating low stomach acid?

To settle my acid reflux I was given Tecta, but it gives me great headaches and nausea. I asked my GERD doc if I could possibly have low stomach acid, and he said I was too young. Yet as a person with Rosacea, there is a study that showed 2/3rds of rosaceans have low stomach acid.

The only way to accurately measure your PH level is with something called a Heidelberg test. So I looked to see what doctors administer this test. My city showed only 2 doctors. One doctor was recently outed by the college of physicians for not being a real certified doctor. The second is a scientologist who charges 600 dollars for a screening test before you can even get your problem checked. I feel like it is impossible for me to know for sure which problem I have.

Is low stomach acid really not a big deal? Why does nobody seem to care? It seems to me that since high stomach acid and low stomach acid share almost identical symptoms, it's easier for doctors to jump to the conclusion that you have high acid and are prepared to write a prescription for the dozens of different antacid companies.

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